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Guest Keri


Throughout the past week or so, we have been working with rotational motion in class, dealing with rotational energy, center of mass, moment of inertia, and just beginning to get into torque. I find a lot of this information overwhelming at first, but then when I re-read my notes, things begin to become a little clearer. Still not to 100% at all, but clearer. Center of mass was one of the more simpler mini topics within this unit to me, but when it comes to deriving the moment of inertia equations...that's when it become a little tougher. I tend to struggle finding dm in the moment of inertia equation, and that is the first step in deriving it. Also, using the new KE formula involving moment of inertia gave me a struggle at first, but after doing a problem in class about it, I feel more comfortable using it. Changing the equations from translational to rotational was not that bad, and easy to understand for me. I know this is a tough class, and I except to hit many bumps along the way, so I am not worried. But that is the past week in review in AP-C Physics!

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You're not alone in your thoughts. Our unit on rotation and angular momentum will be, by far, the most difficult of the entire mechanics course. Not only is the material new, it utilizes calculus you're just learning, and it is by no means intuitive -- in many cases, it's just the opposite, actually (angular momentum is just one of those things that doesn't really fall into our everyday conceptualization easily). Very shortly, as we get into the heavier stuff, we'll slow down the amount of material being thrown at you each day and balance it with lots and lots of practice so you start to feel more comfortable with it.

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