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Physics from Past Week



These past few days of physics have been some of the most interesting of my fledgling career. Between greek letters that make my math look difficult and a crash course in Integrals, things are looking collegiate. Of course, its also been some of the most challenging physics I have done. What really excites me about the class recently is that rote memorization alone won't give me the ability to solve rotational problems. Finding a good substitute for dm often takes a certain kind of thinking that really makes me feel as if I'm cut out for the field. Personally, I feel that I'm really doing physics problems now.

On another note, I figured I'd share a certain youtube video featuring a tiny experiment in superconductivity.

This video (and concept) is one of my favorite concepts in physics. The video also serves as a great way to illustrate the abstract concept of Magnetism and Magnetic Fields. You can see as the student moves the upper magnet about the lower one, the magnet slants to the side. This is because a magnetic field has a real and physical shape, and exerts a force according to that shape. When the student coated both magnets in liquid nitrogen, he change the shape of the field. The result is that the upper magnet rests on the field at an angle, because the field is at an angle. Its something you don't always think about.

For those of you who are critical of my interest in superconductivity, check this link out. Or just read it because you like to read about advances in physics.



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Great post willorn! By the way, if you're interested in superconducting magnetic levitation, it just so happens that I've managed to pick up a disc of Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide... we could videotape a demonstration and explanation for the Physics In Action podcast -- just need to pick up some liquid N2, which isn't tough to do with a bit of advance planning!

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Very truthful post Will, the increasing challenge of the material certainly increases that feeling of power over physics! I had not known about superconductors before this post... very cool stuff! Thanks! And woah... that would be a demonstration to die for!

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