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Physics of the FUTURE!



physics_of_the_future_kaku1.jpg I came across this cool book and I thought the stuff in here was very interesting. Apparently this will happen all by the year 2100, and the results will be just as amazing as the technology.1. The Internet will be in your contact lens. It will recog nize people’s faces, display their biographies, and even translate their words into subtitles.

2. You will control computers and appliances via tiny sen sors that pick up your brain scans. You will be able to rearrange the shape of objects.

3. Sensors in your clothing, bathroom, and appliances will monitor your vitals, and nanobots will scan your DNA and cells for signs of danger, allowing life expectancy to increase dramatically.

4. Radically new spaceships, using laser propulsion, may replace the expensive chemical rockets of today. You may be able to take an elevator hundreds of miles into space by simply pushing the “up” button.

5. In the future, you'll simply jump into your car, turn on the Internet, turn on a movie and sit back and relax and turn on the automatic pilot, and the car will drive itself.

Of course all of this is theoretical, and we as a race are very far from completing and accomplishing these feats. But perhaps those brainiacs in our class will have a hand in it and lead us towards great things. Could it be you?




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