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one) finished the webassign 11 hours early!

tw0) I started a new rotation in the hospital, I work in the Animal Research lab....yes i assist in infamous animal testing. We dont, however, test cosmetics, instead we test new surgical styles with lasers, the effect of light on wound healing, and nutrition in ICU patients. Some of the things we have in the lab are very physics related. One device we have measures the amount of K, Na, and Li in urine and blood (i was too lazy to look up how to spell the elements). To do this, it burns the sample and mesures the color of the flame, since many elements burn to create pretty colors. Another device we have is a centrifuge, simple but vital. It spins samples in a circle at very fast speeds and the centrital force seperates and cleans the samples.

Finally, we have a scale that measures to the hundred millionth of a kilogram that means it measures to 0.00000001 kg. the scale has to stay on a marble petestal at all times to ensure accuracy and is inclosed in class to stop changing atmosphiric pressure from effecting the scale. By just leaning on the table wih very little weight, i can change the reading by 3 or 4 decimal points. cray.:victorious:


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