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A week in physics



Over the past week we continued our studies of rotational motion, adding momentum and torque to our bank of knowledge. Unfortunately for me, i missed the first two days of the unit last week while I was out of town. As a result I have spent most of the week confused and out of the loop on practice problems. This weekend, I finally decided to help myself and learn the material. I did this by watching parts of two lectures done by MIT professor Walter Lewin. I watched both videos and took notes on the material and although lewin is no Mr. Fullerton, I was still able to gain a much better understanding of the material.

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Glad to hear you're able to catch up on the material. Prof. Lewin does an amazing job, and if you watch his lectures, you see almost the exact thing we do in class (at least in this unit)... he's as good, if not better, than anyone I've seen in lecturing about rotational motion and angular momentum.

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