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Wrapping My Head Around Circular Motion



This week in Physics we started studying circular motion. To find the circular motion of a circle, you need same formula that we studied in force and force of friction:

png.latex?  $${F_{NET}} = ma$$

We also have to use a new formula to get acceleration:

png.latex? $${a_c} = {{{v^2}} \over r}$$

I found this very easy and understood what I had to do.

As the week went on I started to get confused on how to find the period and frequency. From the lab, I gained a better understanding but I'm still a little confused.

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Sounds like a good start... :D how are you feeling after a couple more days of letting it sink in? Remember period (T) is the time for one complete revolution (take total time, divide by number of revs) and frequency is the number of revs per second (take # revs, divide by total time). If you know one, you can find the other:

png.latex? f=\frac{1}{T}

png.latex? T=\frac{1}{f}

You can also check out the review guide (with examples) on Frequency and Period here: http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/regents/circmotion/ucm.html#freqper

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