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First Blog...



Hey fellow physics people, this is my first blog!!!!

So I am taking this independent study on statics (nonmoving objects such as buildings and bridges) and my first project is a poster on the truss unit for the Principles of Engineering class. I gotta say, physics B is definitely playing a part in this project like the ups= downs idea for equilibrium. But when I was planning the poster I couldnt remember the most simple things, like finding the moment first in order to find the torque on the different ends of the beams. Thankfully I have all my old notes from Principles of Engineering to guide me in finding the torque of the sides of the triangle/ truss example I created.

The planning for the poster is all done now and I am currently making the triangle truss on photoshop. You would think that is easy, but with engineering drawings, you have to include the pin and roller, which is a bunch of triangles and circles and photoshop is sooo not being friendly with me.

I sure hope this is physicsy enough for the extra credit points!!! (:


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