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physics blog post #1



I am very interested in physics and in learning how different things work in the world around us. i class we learned the dot product and cross product and applied them briefly to kinematics in our first day of that unit. Although those are two very new concepts to me relating to vector math, i am interested in grasping the new concepts and applying them to my growing knowledge of physics.

i wanted to take physics to gain more knowledge about what this area of science has to offer. i am very interested in sciences and i am planning on pursuing a career in medical research in the future.

i hope to gain more knowledge about physics and being able to apply it to other areas of science to gain a better understanding of how things work.

i am most excited to go more in depth in the material and better understand electrostatics and magnitism, my two most difficult units from last year.

i am most anxious to get to apply the knowledge of kinematics to other areas of mechanics and learn more in-depth material.

I anticipate learning a lot of new things and i am very excited.


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I concur, electrostatics and magnetism were very hard to understand from a conceptual standpoint, hopefully a more in depth look at them will clear things up.

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