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First Post (Finally)



So good thing I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to make a post, and then thought, 'hey, maybe I should actually look at that sheet that Mr. Fullerton gave us,' only to realize that all I had to do was verify my account, and that I wasn't supposed to make my real name my user name. But anyways, here is my post. The first thing to know about me is that I love Jesus, and really the reason there's any need for you to know that is because that is why I'm taking AP-C Physics. I would love to become a Civil and Environmental Engineer, and create better water filtration and water collection systems for impoverished countries, much like the Ugandan Water Project, also using the civil side to help design more efficient infrastructure in these countries. I've been on numerous missions trips, most recently to Peru, and have discovered a love for serving others and teaching others about Jesus. In the class specifically, I'm excited to be challenged and start making connections to what I learn now and how I'll use that in the future, but I am a little anxious about discovering the many complexities of physics. And other than all that, you should know that I love the Bills (which obviously is thoroughly depressing), I really enjoy talking to people and hanging out with my friends and playing sports, and I quit when things get hard.


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Yeah, and don't worry Dave! Even if Mr. Fullerton eventually gives up on you, Jesus will always be behind you! Go Physics!

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