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Ah the joys of being sick... (Part 2)



So if people are actually reading these you probably already know that I am currently sick and wide awake thanks to the wearing off of "nighttime" robitussium... which frankly I am not sure how to spell. So I thought I would do ANOTHER BLOG POST!!! :worked_till_5am: Hey, Ive got so much physics in my life (voluntarily) I'm up to my ears in it, so Ive got a lot to say. Which is why I like these posts. Instead of confusing my mom with what she calls the science of the ABC's (no joke, I told her I had to watch some videos for homework and she asked oh you mean the ABC guy?), I get to pretend people are actually reading these!!!!!:glee:

Anyway, I am off topic. So I dont know about other people but I love getting review books at the beginning of the year to help me with the course material. My personal favorite review book is Barrons. Every review book that I can choose is barrons. Well, when I went to B&N two weeks ago, the guy told me barrons doesnt make ap physics c (which I found out today/yesterday is a total LIE!!!!) so I got the princeton review. Well as I was reading the text book (I was just becoming sick), I was having trouble understanding the stuff on UCM. So I pull out my review book, and what do you know, ITS NOT IN THERE!!!!

So I go to Fullertons for some help. As I am sitting there I see a Barrons Physics C book and im like OMG barrons does make them!!! Long story short, Fullerton let me borrow the book to see which review book is better and if the barrons would be helpful. I will personally tell him the results, but I thought you guys should know too. So here we are:


Includes the calculus and explains it usually mathematically

Has some good "cheat sheets" as I call them, which are basically just good pages to take note of quickly

At the end of each chapter includes a equation summary with some notes

The organization for magnetics is a bit funny, sorting out the chapters by types of problems to solve and different laws. could be missing some material on it but I think they fixed that problem in the 3rd edition, which is avaliable.


Has the Physics C material explained in Physics B terms/ equations, so if you are really struggling witht he calc and dont think you can do it, this book should be able to help you solve it without calc, though it probably wont be the fastest way

word explanations mostly


Kinda wordy in my opinion

chapter summary at end

Equation list at end of each chapter (I'm not sure, but it looked more detailled than the barrons)

Needless to say, I returned my princeton and plan on getting a barrons soon, but I still need to read the first few chapters of barrons to see if it is a benefit for everyone. And Fullerton needs to check out the 3rd edition to make sure its up to his expectation.

OMG i just found a einstein face!!!!!!:einstein)

well, i think I've blogged everyone's ears off and should try to sleep/ scavenge for more tissues. Night/ Morning!


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Cheers to being sick! The school is like the walking dead, but at least we feel awful together... Yay camaraderie.

Thanks for the advice, I'll probably end up with Barrons.

And geez, why were you blogging at 6 am? I know you like Physics, but that's pretty extreme. :worked_till_5am: Feel better!

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