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Rap about the large Hadron Collider



I find an amazingly informative video on the Cern's LHC. It covers basics particles physics with some other things. The best part, Its a rap!!!

It was interesting to see the video theorizing the discovery of the Boson Higgs particle. The video - being made in 2008 - is abit behind with the times as the Higgs particle has recently been detected by experiments done with the LHC.


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Great video. FermiLab actually made a response video as they were searching for the Higgs Boson as well, and a couple years ago the head of the Higgs Boson research project came into our classroom. He stayed for an interview in our Physics In Action Podcast (Episode 12: Field Hockey and Particle Accelerators with Dr. Ben Kilminster), and also pointed out the rap he worked on, attached below. You can see Dr. Kilminster in the video around the 3:12 mark.

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I actually think we have potential to do this stuff Chaz. If our videos from last year were that legitamate, imagine what we could do with a bigger budget!! (and perhaps more knowledge)

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