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Determining g Lab Deliverable-Hannah, Juliana and Sam



In today's news, young physicists at Irondequoit High School have miraculously calculated the acceleration due to gravity, g. These young physicists found their data by experimenting with a ball. First, the students dropped the same ball three times, recording the time it took to travel to the ground. They recorded their data in an organized table to keep track of each trial. The Physicists then took the average of the different trials of times and plugged the average into the equation d=vit+1/2at^2. By plugging the data into the equation, they found that the acceleration due to gravity was 10.1 meters per second squared. These fabulous physicists only had a three percent experimental error, their results only .2 meters per second off from the data. These physicists did wonderful work and everyone is very impressed. Another success for Irondequoit High School.:victorious:


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