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The Physics of Eating Too Much Candy...



Hope everyone had fun on Halloween! I sure did. But after handing out about 12 bags of candy and eating some in the process, I began to wonder what is the physics behind eating too much candy. Obviously there is the dreaded "tummy ache", but thats biology, I want to know the physics!

So this is how it works: When you consume sugar your body creates energy, lots of it. After eating so much candy after a while, you've got a lot of potential energy just dying to become kinetic energy. When the potential energy has reached its max, BAM!!! instant sugar high, every parents nightmare when the kid is all hyped up doing sprints around the coffee table screaming for more candy ( why, I don't even know) after eating all the halloween candy at once.

Obviously once all that kinetic energy is used up there comes the sugar crash with a wiped out kid that is probably beginning to understand why his/ her parents told them not to. So biology steps in with the kid running to the bathroom, promising to never eat candy again, at least until Christmas.

Word of the wise, dont OD on candy, It all fun and games until physics (and some biology) steps in. :D

Happy Halloween!:ghost:

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