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Truss Design Research



Hello Fellow Nerds! If anyone reads these blogs (why one would, I don't know), then they would know that I am doing an independent study on STATICS!!! Ooooh, excitement! Actually, I do find it quite interesting, and since I just finished the first part of the independent study, I am moving on to the research part, which I am SUPER excited for. I will be researching different designs commonly used for trusses/ bridges, learning why engineers use that specific shape in different scenarios. Those with a little bridge knowledge probably know about the three basic bridge types: suspension, beam, and arch. But there is so much more than that!!! One of my favorites is the bell truss, which is really cool looking. Since I am still in the beginning phase of my research, I don't know much more than that. I can't wait to learn how the different truss shapes influence the dispersion of the force!

Here's a picture of the Bell truss[ATTACH=CONFIG]511[/ATTACH]


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