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The Wonderful World of Quanta



Hello, physics students! Lately I have taken an interest in quantum mechanics, in an attempt to improve my grade, but mostly because it is a truely stupefying. It still amazes me that briliant minds like Boltzman, Heisenberg, Euler, among countless others could possibly explain entities that they could "easily" touch but never physically see. Today, I want to give a brief background on the foundation of Quantum Physics: The uncertainty principle. It is this equation that gave Werner Heisenberg credit as the "father of Quantum Mechanics." This equation asserts that there is a fundamental limit to the precision of any measurements taken.


This assertion is only effective when relating specific pairs, such as momentum and position, energy and time. The concept of this equation is commonly confused with the observer effect, the theory that literally, "a watched pot never boils." The uncertainty principle has been proven to be inherent in all wave-like systems, and the application of it is imperative in superconducting and quantum optics.

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I find this principle fascinating, because it seems that it is used to simply say "I don't $#@!ing know!" when someone asks you to explain how the universe functions. This is definitely way over my head, but I think I'm gonna use the uncertainty principle from now on when I am trying to solve a very difficult physics or calculus problem

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