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The Physics of Picking a President



So as most of you know the election is just a few days away! YAAYYYYYY!!!!! Just kidding. I for the most part don't pay too much attention to politics, but sometimes I find the topics interesting. I, however, do not find this years election very interesting. Too much bad mouthing and he said he said to ruin each other's reputation and poll numbers. Because for the most part I do not care for either candidate, I have decided to use physics to create an equation to help people like me choose a president. Now, friction is a big problem in politics, something that Obama seems to have experienced more than any other president that I know of. I know Jackson did, but he covered his opposers in lubricant and that solved his friction problem. Then there is the amount of energy in the president. Some presidents have all potentials, others have all kinetic, and some have a little bit of both. Therefore, using these variables we can create an equation to determine the "worthiness" of the candidate:

E(final)= K + U +W(Friction). This equation will tell you how much the candidate can possibly do. However, a very important factor for the decision making process of the nation's president is that we want K > U. The greater the K, the better, however, we probably do not want all kinetic energy simply because if the president is all kinetic, he's not thinking as much about what else he could be doing that could be even better. I'll let you guys calculate Obama and Romney's energy, and feel free to let me know whose is better, but make sure to also state the comparison of kinetic and potential energy. Happy Election Calculating!

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