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Fempto Photography Captures Light in Motion



So far, no other particle has been able to move at the speed of light. However, human beings are capable of seeing light move. Ramesh Raskar and his team at MIT have developed a camera capable of capturing light at 1 trillion frames per second. This method, called fempto photography, can take slow motion videos of light in motion. Watch the video for a better explanation but for those of you in a rush below is a summary of MIT's amazing research.

As shown in the video, Raskar uses a laser to send a packet of photons through an object. Using fempto photography, the MIT team created videos of light traveling through a coca cola bottle and washing over a tomato.

The group presents promising applications of their technology, such as finding survivors in unsafe conditions or hiding beings as well as exploring inner organs by seeing around corners with light.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this video is featured in 9:20 - 10:04, in which time appears to be moving in reverse according to the camera's images. How is this possible? Watch to find out! Weird things happen when humans try to go faster than the speed of light ;)

Watch Ramesh Raskar's presentation below:

http://www.ted.com/talks/ramesh_raskar_a_camera_that_takes_one_trillion_fra mes_per_second.html

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