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This winter I am considering taking on a new task, swimming! It is only logical that I experiment prior to undertaking said act so I have, and I will now share my findings with y'all. Water is 1000 times more resistant than air, its just a fact, an unfortunate one for people trying to travel in water. The way to get around this is streamline form, which takes into account the resistance equation R = 1/2 DpAv^2. As you can see, to achieve the greatest velocity one must reduce their surface area as much as possible, which can be done by tightening the body to resemble a torpedo, which is very hydrodynamic. Swimming is all about efficient motion, for with each unnecessary movement the body not only losses energy, but slows down in water. In addition, one needs to consider the different, and most efficient ways of achieving propulsion. While it is just general human nature it would seem to most people that the legs would be more important while swimming because the largest muscles in the body are located in them. However it is much the contrary. On average, it takes 80 seconds to kick 100 meters while it takes only 60 seconds to pull 100 meters, showing that pulling adds more propulsion. Another important equation is F = PA the equation to calculate the perpendicular force applied by the water to all the surfaces of the persons body.



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