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10th dimension, or 10 dimensions.



another theoretical mind boggling post, if you want to skip my blabbering please watch the video, its fun to watch every single time:

okay, so in string theory, the strings cannot exist unless there are 10 dimensions. some believe that these dimensions are micro-dimensions, lying within the smallest depths of the space-time platform described by Einstein. One of the better descriptions of this is in a Ted talk about string theory, (im not going to post it, its 20 minutes and the guy takes forever to get to his point) but basically he says that the dimensions are so small that every time we move they could pass by us on the space-time continuum.

Others feel that these 10 dimensions are macro-dimensions, large enough for us to understand and experience even though we cannot see them. This 10th dimensional video is about the macro-dimensions and up to the 4th dimension is basically what my 'finite universes with infinite distances' blog post is about. Theoretical physics does some crazy things, but this idea in which strings may not only exist on a mirco- but also on a macro scale, and could very easily bring together these two theories that they are so small and so large at the same time could, with a little proving and experiment, bring a universal equation for all forces and mass. its pretty cool.

the link to the video is right here:


these questions are the reasons i love theoretical and quantum physics. thanks for listening to my possibly incoherent blabbering.

P.s. theorectical physics is basically based off of repetitive semi-coherent blabbering, only in proof form, so i'm not too far off :3


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