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Physics of a curveball!



I am a man who loves baseball and when i figured out that physics plays a huge role in pitching, i got excited. Physics is exhibited very well in curveballs. A curveball is a pitch that was named for its movement; it curves on its path towards home plate as it reaches the batter.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3AIX_tqTJpm64prVb7R_hC1v1peDiTqjgKZ0aCcHsVYDirGhr

The pitcher grips the ball on the side just over one of the seems and when he throws it, he flicks his wrist hard creating the ball to spin sideways as it travels forward towards the plate. As it shows in the diagram, the rotation on the ball creates high pressure as the seems turn over which eventually makes it turn hard and dip towards the end of its flight. The harder it is thrown, the more dropping action it will experience because the greater the high pressure will be. Hitters better watch out because physics is not on their side when it comes to hitting a curveball.

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