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Driving on the highway



There are many sharp turns we encounter when we drive at high speeds on the highways. And even just driving straight down a highway, cars can lose control and accidents can happen. Friction is a concept and a force that plays a huge role in keeping cars on the road. The coefficient of kinetic friction, Meu, is what measures the ratio of the force of friction and the normal force of the object on that surface. It can help us find the maximum speed at which the car can stay stable on the road before it will lose contact. The higher the coeficient of kinetic friction, the higher the maximum speed will be before the car loses contact. Ice and water lower the coefficient of kinetic friction because it makes the surface much more slick and slippery. So on a rainy or snowy day, it is best to go slower because getting in an accident is much more likely in those conditions. Friction is definitely a concept that we should consider in our everyday lives to be safe drivers in all conditions on the road.


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well you may think slowing down is the smart move well i disagree. The reduced friction will make it more so your more likely to slide, which is fun, its like sledding. So ya on rainy and snowy days, I speed up!:einstein)

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