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Physics is everywhere in life!

Guest Keri


The reason I was interested in physics in the first place was because it involved a lot of math. I didn't really look into the course much, since I loved math and knew I would like it. After taking AP-B Physics, the math wasn't the only part about physics that I loved; I also loved how applicable it was to real life. Furthermore, I enrolled in AP-C Physics and the same connections, and more, are currently being made. Everyday life, I come across physics more than once, and the feeling of knowing whats happening and why is unexplainable. For example, today my brother was twirling a string around his finger and immediately I thought of circular motion. Then he held it straight up and let it rock back and forth: simple harmonic motion! I asked him why, when I released it from point A, did it not come all the way back up to the point A, and he did not know. I told him it was a combination of air resistance, friction, and human error. Although that may seem simple in a physics person's eye, it was new to him, and being able to make connections like those everyday feels awesome. Also, I came across a spring, and spring constants and forces when buying Christmas presents! Physics is everywhere, and anyone who takes it, will enjoy it for the sole reason of knowing why things happen the way they do. Physics is great!!


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Great post. I agree with you, that physics is alot of fun because you get to work with real life problems. I really enjoy chemistry as well as physics (i like physics better though, dont worry!), but my one issue with chemistry is that everything is so theoretical and if you have to imagine everything on a microscopic level. Physics can be alot of fun if you do the work and understand it - it makes you think differerently about the way that everything in the world works. One of my biggest regrets is not working hard enough in physics-B. Mr. Cermak never had due dates, so the work was never done to its best. A year later i really wish i had spent more time on my work in Physics-B!

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