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Most of the forces currently known to man have their opposites. Magnetism for example will have a North Pole acting opposite to that of a South Pole. For this reason I began to think of a possible opposite to the force of gravity. Although gravity is not very well understood today, it is widely accepted that mass causes gravity and creates the force that pulls two objects together. This type of force is often modeled as a large mass creating a dip in the fabric of space-time causing other objects to slide in towards it. This can be seen as such:


Keeping these principles in mind I began to think about what sorts of affects antimatter might cause. For example, could antimatter, containing the property opposite to that of mass, have opposite affects on the fabric of space-time, acting as a suction from above creating a hill, pushing other clumps of antimatter away from it. Upon research on the subject I found that antimatter is, contrary to my predictions, often believed to have an attracting force similar to gravity acting between itself and both matter and other antimatter.

Instead, an alternative proposal for an antimatter is known as dark energy. This mysterious force described in the links below has a repelling affect opposite to the attraction created by gravity. This force, strange as it may seem, is actually believed to strengthen as distance between objects increases due to the fact that the farther apart galaxies become, the faster they accelerate away from each other. Although not yet confirmed, this new force seems like it would have little application to the types of anti-gravity we would like to see here on earth for it seems to only have a noticeable affect at great distances. Sorry, no flying hover boards yet...



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So, masses attract each other... opposite charges attract each other... opposite poles attract each other. We can have individual masses. We can find individual opposite charges. Have we ever found an individual magnetic pole (a singular north or a singular south pole)? If you find a magnetic "monopole," take very good care of it, write a paper about it, and send me a picture when you win your Nobel prize!

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