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Physics of Ironclad



So I was watching Ironclad and decided that I could use the movie to blog about physics stuff.

The main character, Templar Knight Thomas Marshal was ridding around on his horse at Rochester castle, wailing his flair around, total bossing up those bad guys, when suddenly he is pulled off his horse. A huge crowd of bad guys form around him beating him with axes and hammers and stuff. Luckily our Templar Knight is tied to his stead who eventually/after an eternity, the horse decides it would be a good idea to drag his master back to safety.

So I will be analyzing how much his amour protected him, since he later walks away with out so much as a broken bone.

Now according to my precise calculations, Knight Marshal was left on the ground for a grand total of 10 seconds. I also estimate that he received three attacks per second that he was left defenses on the ground. This means that he received at least 30 strikes while lying on the ground.

Now wiki answers informs me that the average human can exert a force of 680 Newton’s, but these bad guys weren’t average humans, they were Danish mercenaries. I will therefore estimate the force each one applied to be 1000 Newton’s. Considering it is now 12:20 right now and I don’t want to go out to my garage and measure the surface area of an axe and a sledge hammer, I will just estimate them!!!

S.A. of Axe/slegehammer: .0005 m2

Since pressure = Force/ area, the pressure exerted by these goons with their primitive weapons is a whooping 2000kPa.

This is equivalent to 290 Psi or Lbs per square inch.

Once again, Wiki answers informs us that a human skull will crack under a mere 15 Psi. If we assume that the amour doesn’t damage with each hit (which we all know isn’t true), that must mean that Knight Marshal’s armor absorbs at a bare minimum of 95% of the pressure applied, which is just simply incredible. Multiple the 290 Psi by the 30 blows that Marshal suffers, and it seems far fetched that Marshal is still alive let alone able to continue to fight afterwards!!!

Picture of our Templar Knight below!!!


Time for Sleep!!!


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