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Frozen Door



So this morning I went out to warm up my car for practice, only to discover that my car door was frozen shut. Now I know what your thinking, why don’t you just pull harder, well I did but unfortunately the door handle was poorly designed. As shown in the picture below, one corner of the metal holding the handle on is detached.


In order to open the door, the handle is pulled up and out at an angle. Under normal conditions, i.e., the door not being frozen shut the door handle functions just fine. However this morning I realized the flaw with the design. If there is ice on the door, a certain amount of force is required to break it. But because the handle lifts slightly up, the force I apply contains a component in the vertical direction that is entirely useless. This additional component tears at the metal until it breaks as shown in the picture above. I ended up giving up on getting my car door to open after realizing the handle would probably break before the ice would.

Fortunately my sister was home from college so I borrowed/stole her car so I could go to practice

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