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Transition lenses




We've all seen transition lenses before, but how do they work?

This is purely theoretical on my part, I have no idea how they actually work. But my knowledge of physics leads me to some pretty plausible conclusions.

We all know how excited electrons work, and a lot of things can happen as a result of the expended energy when these electrons return back to their normal place. Light particles can exude quite a bit of energy. If that energy can be harnessed to produce electricity, its pretty easy to see that it could be used to change the color of a lens. Clearly the transition bit has to do with the material the lenses are made out of. Perhaps this material has electrons that react in such a way that they turn black when excited, the brighter the light, the more electrons excited the darker they get. Or perhaps it's not the electrons and is simply the particles themselves within the material.

If anyone could enlighten me as to how these REALLY work, I'd love to know!

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