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10 good reasons NOT to procrastinate in AP physics C



1) The course is HARD-- and it doesn't get easier as you go along. The longer you wait, the harder it gets, and the more you'll have to do.

2) Deterrence-- as this challenging work gets harder and harder, you're going to be less and less inclined to do it. Think about it, I'd be far more proactive about climbing a 5 foot cliff than a 100 foot cliff, if you do it in chunks it won't seem so bad.

3) Imagination-block-- if you have ANYTHING creative to do (like blog posts for example), you're going to have to be full of ideas. If you have to sit there and think of 10 different things to talk about in one day rather than over 10 weeks, it's going to be a LOT harder to think of something.

4) Cognitive function-- when a body is tired or stressed out, decreased cognitive function (you're ability to think at optimum levels) is a common side effect. Like I said, this course is HARD, you're going to want all the cognitive function you can get!

5) The test date isn't changing-- due dates are the procrastinators worst enemy; and trust me, they don't move because you have a tradgic illness called procrastination. The AP exam is set and in May, regardless of whether you try to cram the stuff in the day before or months before.

6) Memory retention-- repetition is your friend when you're trying to memorize something. If you don't leave yourself enough time to practice and repeat everything you need to memorize (and there's a LOT of that in any physics class), you're just not going to remember it. And it's pretty common knowledge you're not really going to remember what you crammed an hour ago--you're going to remember what you've practiced so many times it seems stupid to not remember.

7) You work better in pieces-- alright maybe not literally in pieces, but work in small chunks is a good thing! By taking things in small portions, deterence lowers and cognitive function is at a higher level (wooo big words!) making it optimum to work as the work comes rather than saving it until right before it's due.

8) The teacher knows what they're doing-- meaning if they give you lots of time to do something, it's PROBABLY because you actually need it. You can never really tell how long something is actually going to take you until you start it--which means you could pretty much s.o.l. if you save something till last minute

9) Spontaneous fun--let's be real, NO ONE ever makes plans to do fun things anymore. Don't you want to be able to be spontaneous?! No one wants to say "No, I can't go {insert beloved task} because I have physics to do." Get it over with and open up time to enjoy a little spontenaity

10) Because I said so; no better reason than that


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