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Time to get started



With our last test we finished mechanics and official ended the first halve of the year. Surprising I didn't find the course as hard as I thought it was going to be. AP-B last year taught us most of the basics so we already knew most of the physics that we used this year. The major difference this year was the addition of calculus which isn't terribly hard compared to what Mr. Muz gives us. Also this year we aren't just given most of the equations and told to memorize; we are shown how to derive them and then expected to know the derivation as well as the equation. I'm a little afraid of Electricity and Magnetism because mechanics were easy to visualize which makes understanding easier for me, but when we're talking about tiny electrons, it's not so easy to picture. But hopefully it won't be too bad.

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You're not alone, the abstractness of E&M kind of worries me, too. But we'll work though it! :tiger: After all, there's a whole half a year of fun ahead ;)

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