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The Physics of Batman



"I'm Batman." ~Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

I, like Sheldon, am a comic book geek. One of my favorite characters in comics is the Batman and the Bat family. So I decided to explain the physics behind Batman in a blog series!!!! Exciting, I know.

So for my very first Batpost (hehehe), I am going to explain why Batman is so awesome. After years of discipline and training, Batman can take in information (and secrets) simultaneously, allowing him to see the bigger picture, which is also why he doesnt get along with the other superheroes well. With this abiity, Batman could have made an excellent engineer. Engineers need this exact ability to make sure that their creation will be not only useful to the world, but safe.

But Batman has sooo many more abilities, including a vast knowledge on languages, escapology, piloting, and a master of disguise and tactician.

Enough about Batman's brain, Batman also uses forensics in his batcave, a lab so detailled the FBI's crime lab looks like a toy set for kids. With the combinations of his knowledge on chemisty and other sciency stuff, it makes it easy for Batman to get the informaiton he needs to catch the villians.

Well, I think that's good for now, just to give a little taste of why batman is the best!!!! Dont worry, the other posts will be more exciting.


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