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The Physics of the Batcave



Welcome back Bat-lovers!

So for this blog the theme is the batcave. Home of Batman. Do I really need to say more?

What makes the Batcave one of the coolest hideouts in comic book history is because of the equipment and the details. The centerpiece (though it is not actually in the center) is the Batcomputer, a data storehouse and advanced analyzer incorporating multiple hardwired supercomputers. And, time to break the myth, but the Batcomputer is connected to the CIA's networks, allowing Batman to access their information.

There is so much in the Batcave,I cant help but wonder, WHO DESIGNED IT? Seriously, as a prospective civil engineer, it would have taken a very skilled civil engineer to insecure the stability, security, and safety of the batcave. For the people would havent ever seen the batcae (you should), it's basically a carved out section of a cave with walkways wrapped around the sides of the walls of the cave with pillars to hold the infrastructure up. That would have been a lot of work. Good thing Batman is Bruce Wayne, aka Mr. Billionaire. But still, the detail and complexity of the Batcave is incredible. It's not just one giant room, that's just wear the Batmobile is and the supercomputer. Batman also has room linking off, including a Trophy room, a room specified for suits, and of course a road out of the cave. Which brings up another interesting thought, how did batman wire the cave? Cave is rock, solid rock, so how did Batman put in all the electrics for the Bat fortess?

It's probably getting boring reading about, well, rock, so hears just some fun stuff Batman keeps in the cave involving Physics:

fume/pariculate analyzer

gunpowder and explosive residue analyzer

latent print development chamber

global GPS tracking system

electronic surveillance and line tap detectors

Facial composite software

and SO much more!!!!


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