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The Physics of the Batmobile



1,200 horsepower jet turbine. Darn. I wish I spoke car. Is that a lot?

So let's start with the basics on the Batmobile. The Batmobile can go up to 266 mph, which even I know is fast. To put it into perspective, its faster than the typical jet airplane. To top it off, it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds. Not bad for a car that probably weighs the equivilancy of a tank. The batmobile can also withstand up to 593.3 C and as low as -145.5 C. Where would it be that hot, the center of a volcano?

Now for the cool stuff. Want to know why the car is so fast? It has a jet turbine. that explains ALOT. The engine uses an impact resistant hydraulics and has a valve exhaust system. The fact that the engine is impact resistant is pretty aweome . since it will protect the engine from damage when under attack. However, the danger of having an impact resistant engine is that is will keep the decceleration time up, with is why cars usually have a "crumple zone" in the front and back, to increase the decceleration time to reduce the impact on the people- ie whiplash, being thrown around, and flying out the window.

Let's take about the body. The Batmobile has transformed over the years, starting with a little buggy-bat in the 1940s to now with the slick design. The batmobile's design has changed over the years to give it a sleeker look to reduce air resistence on the car, though the car has practically doubled in size, so I can't help but wonder what the friction is like for that car. Wow. Brain Blast. If the car can go 266 mph on the road, how fast could is go on a frictionless plane? Dang. I'm gonna have to come back to that.


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