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Why is Ryan Fitzpatrick Such a Bad Quarterback?



As the playoffs are underway, Bills fans (the sad category that I put myself under) have the same dilemma as they have since the 21st century began - which team are they going to root for in the playoffs this year? Year after year, the Bills struggle to qualify for the post season, a big reason being that they never have a strong quarterback. Their most recent excuse - Ryan Fitzpatrick. So lets look at why he's so awful:

When you look at an elite quarterback like Tom Brady (as much as I hate to admit that he's good), you witness extremely precise and accurate throwing mechanics. He uses the potential energy from his lower body (by bending his knees, creating a buildup of muscle power, and then stepping with his opposite foot) to provide the power for his upper body to move fluidly and transfer this potential energy to the kinetic energy of the ball. With these mechanics, he can make 60 yard passes accurately and effortlessly (at least so it seems).

Ryan Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, does not exhibit these mechanics. He uses mostly his upper body to deliver speed and distance to his throws, making him look like he throws in body in order to throw the ball. Because of this, he fails to use the huge supply of potential energy that his lower body has to offer, reducing the power of his throws. Not only that, but his upper body now has to focus of both the power and accuracy of the throw, which makes more of Ryan's throws off target. Even though Fitzpatrick graduated from Harvard, he seems to struggle with the concept of conservation of energy as he does not know how to efficiently convert the potential energy of his muscles to the kinetic energy of the ball, leading to many inaccurate, under-thrown passes and unhappy fans.


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