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The physics of Swim Paddles



The physics of Swim Paddles. Some times at swim practice our coach makes us use these paddles.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqDoZchXy9Rzs2YnWwChIKK6RVL8wSKTfeBoReuwnhhHJeaeIo

These paddles typicality increase how far we go with each stroke while slowing down our stroke as it takes more force to pull. This because with the paddles, our hands have a greater surface area. When we pull our arms through the water, we pull more water behind us. Based on the law of conservation of momentum, if I catch and push more water at the same velocity backwards I will have a greater velocity forward. However pulling more water takes more force causing us to slow down our recovery part of the stroke to compensate for the extra work, so overall we swim at close to the same speed. After using the paddles, our arms and shoulders are always more sore. When we’re feeling lazy, we will grab the smaller paddles because its less work for us. Yah Physics


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