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I aspire to be involved in the medical field once i finish my schooling and one of the tools i hope to use is a centrifuge. Centrifuges are tools where test tubes are inserted into spaces around the outside of the tool. It then spins in a circle and the more it spins, the contents in the beakers are separated into their components. The contents in these beakers mostly consist of blood samples and organelles that need to be separated to be analyzed. Centrifuges use the centripital force to separate the components of the samples. The more massive objects/ components in the test tubes experience the greatest force due to the direct relationship between the force and the mass (F= (mv^2)/r). They will be pushed back to the bottom of the test tubes and the fluids along with the less massive components will be on top of the larger organells. When the spinning process of the centrifuge is complete, the smaller and larger components of the sample in the test tubes will be separated. The centripital force incorporated by the Centrifuge is very helpful in allowing medical researchers analyze smaller components of human blood.



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