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Physics phever!



Have you ever had someone point something out to you, and then you notice it EVERYWHERE?

In the middle of my second year of physics, I'm starting to feel the torture that is physics phever--it's everywhere!

When you decide which shoes to where, you can look at style, or you can look at comfort. If you look at style, you're looking at texture (which we can detect because of our sense of touch, which isn't REALLY touching but our sense of the repellent force of the electrons in our body with relation to whatever we're 'touching'), and color (a reflection of whatever light wavelength is reflected rather than absorbed). If you look at comfort, you look at arch support--which increases the surface area that the force of your body is distrbuted over, alieviating pressure--and the squishy-ness of the material--which increases the impulse over which you feel forces from as well as forms to your foot more or less, increasing or decreasing surface area to distrubte the force.

But it's not just shoes.

I have coffee every morning, and start to ponder the physics of why the microwave seems to make the heat fade quicker then coffee brewed from a pot. Is it something about how the molecules are moving? A property of a microwave itself?

I listen to the radio and start to actually notice the slight fading and amplification of the sound levels--due to the wave nature of sound and radio emissions.

My sister brings home a wooden car and I start to point out every misconstued notion as to why her perception of what good aerodynamics are is wrong...or maybe that's just because she's my little sister and it's my duty to bother her...

Even toilet paper has physics to it! Impulse is why you can unroll toilet paper and also rip it with the same hand motions over different amounts of time.

Physics is EVERYWHERE. And thanks to the lovely courses of physics I've taken, I'm noticing it everywhere. Physics phever is a traumatic disease and I'm very sorry to announce--there is no cure.


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