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A Pleasant Discovery



While studying for our midterm on Mechanics, I came to this brilliant realization.

Realization: Physics with calculus is a lot easier when you know calculus

Ok, this may seem like an obvious statement; but, when it clicks, it feels good. As I looked over some Mechanics Free Response problems involving derivations with drag force, I realized that they are not so bad after all. Now that all of us Physics-C students should understand integrals, differential equations, and integrating with natural logs, the Mechanics Free Response problems with calculus should seem manageable. So, for all of you who have acquired a phobia of drag force, take another look at the problems. It might surprise you that your background in calculus may cure your fear. Don't let drag force hold you back ;) ; have confidence in this previously difficult concept!


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It is nice how now, with a stronger understanding of calculus, difficult physics integrals make much more sense now. And dont worry SwagDragon15, at least you understand now.

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I concurr with this statement. i feel that understanding calculus has helped me to carry out and solve more difficult physics problems. Something we all should take pride in.

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