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Last year, i was blow-drying my little sister's hair and when i put the blow-dryer into the outlet, i got shocked. When i inserted the plug into the outlet, i accidentally put my finger too close to where the circuit was completed. I then realized that i completed a circuit when i plugged in the hair dryer. I did a little more research. I found out that the voltage of an outlet in a home is 120 Volts. Then i did research to find out the resistance in the blow-dryer. The blow-dryer i used had a resistance of 6 ohms. Using the equation I= (V/R) (I being the current, V being the voltage, and R being the resistance in Ohms), i found out that i was shocked with 20 amps of current. I went further to calculate that the Power generated in that circuit, from the equation P=(I*V) was 2400 W of power.

2Q== Curcuits can be simple or complicated and they can generate a lot of current and power. I am glad that i wasn't hurt because if the voltage was greater and the resistance was smaller, i could have been in quite the predicament. 2Q==


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Not to debunk, but 20 amps would have been more than enough to kill you. A study at ohio state indicated that one ampere would cause severe burns and immediate stoppage of breath. The major thing about wiring is the fact that it is not ideal, therefore, the wires themselves will apply thousands of ohms of resistance!

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