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Equation Dump!



So lately, our physics C teacher has been making us to equation dumps at the beginning of each class. He would give us 4 minutes to write down as many equations as we could, thus seeing how much we had already memorized and how prepared we were for the upcoming exam. To put down as many equations in those 4 minutes not only requires raw knowledge but also strategy involving.... wait for it... PHYSICS!!!:apple: So, the goal in those 4 minutes was to write down 50 equations. That means you would have to average 12.5 equations per minute. That doesn't sound too bad but writing fast helps. Pressing down hard with the pencil increases the normal force which increases the force of friction, thus slowing down the speed at which you are writing your equations. (F=N(mew)) Friction also takes away energy that could be used to maintain a good pace. The work due to friction (w= Fdcos(180) = -Fd) can be minimized if you don't press down hard and lightly glaze over the paper, making sure your equations are down and that you still have enough energy to write more. Thus, you will attain an optimal number of equations, proving to yourself you are prepared if you know your equations. :banghead)


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Also, using ballpoint pen would require the friction to function, as the friction causes the ball to rotate which inks the paper.

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Two very good points. While friction is an easy thing to blog about, I doubt that reducing friction while writing equations is really the thing to be focused about.

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