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Luke's Patented 5 Steps to a 5 (TM)



Here are my top 5 tips to performing the best possible:

5) TARGET THE UNITS IN WHICH YOU PERFORMED POORLY ON TESTS. If you aced that rotational motion test or blew through the early dynamics tests, odds are you don't need to prioritize your study sessions around them. Focus on the tough stuff that you know you could use the extra points for. Getting those extra points that few students usually get will boost a 3 to a 4 and a 4 to a 5

4) DO EVERY PRACTICE QUESTION POSSIBLE. Each released AP exam is a gift from those old ladies that make these tests. Use them. Especially the free response, since it will help you develop the ability to work through the problems for maximum points

3) BRUSH UP WITH THE TEXTBOOK. After feeling pretty down about our first electricity test, i felt inclined to pick up my textbook. after blowing the dust off and shooing away the spiders, i opened the book and gained relevant information that genuinely helped me understand the concepts. Don't underestimate the power of the textbook!

2) EAT FOOD BEFORE ENTERING THE TEST ROOM. If for no other reason then avoiding the embarrassing, silence-piercing growl of your stomach, eating a great breakfast and bringing a snack to the test will make you prepared to focus on displaying your knowledge and not your appetite.

1) KEEP YOUR MIND OFF THE TEST BEFORE ENTERING IT. Sometimes, trying to slip in that last minute cram will only hurt your long term memory. Trust that all of your hard work will pay off with the grade you deserve!


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