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Freestyle Snowboarding (Snowboarding pt. 1)



There are two categories of snowboarding: Freestyle and Freeride.

I fit more into the freestyle category, but i wasn't always. Two years ago, i started snowboarding recreationally. Seeing all of the kids doing impressive tricks on their boards, I wanted to try my hand at the sport. However, I found rotation to be very difficult for me, and i could see why: with my big feet, I could only rent a large board. In any case, angular momentum is conserved, but with a really large moment of inertia due to both the heavy weight and length of the board, my angular velocity suffered. this year, i am using a board that is 10 centimeters (a very large difference) shorter and half the weight. The reduction of the moment of inertia means that I can spin much faster now, and even show off a little bit! Thank you, conservation of angular momentum!

For added fun, here is Torstein Horgmo, who uses a board almost 10 centimeters shorter than mine! He spins quite fast!


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