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So when my family goes out to restaurants, my mom and i take the straws they give us, rip off the top part of the paper and shoot them at each other. We also make spitballs and fire them at each other at will before we receive our food. This relates to a lab we conducted in our Physics C class. We blew projectiles from straws and then blew those same projectiles through straws that are connected to other straws. Those projectiles traveled faster and farther. Velocity is calculated by dividing the displacement by the time the projectile traveled that certain distance. (V= (disp/time)) Also, the longer the straws were, the longer the constant force was applied to the projectile. The longer a force is applied on an object, the faster it will go and therefore the farther it will travel. That is how my mom and i make it interesting: we put many straws together to make the spitballs go faster at each other. Physics is clearly involved in even the most immature behaviors.



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