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Furniture Moving



The other day, my dad and I were moving a couch for my uncle. For arbitration, let's say the couch weighs 100 N. Because my dad stands 6 cm (.06 m) inches taller than me, it can be assumed that the couch will be offset as well. If the couch is about 4 meters, the angle is about arcsin(.06/4) = .015 degrees from the normal or 89.985 degrees from the x axis. Therefore, if each us lifted an equal amount, we would lift the couch with 50 N each. However, we would be generating a torque equal to the F*distance to center of mass*sin(theta) = (50 N)(2 m)(sin89.985)= 99.9999966 N*m. Although this is just a slight difference due to such a small difference in angle, but it still demonstrates the fact that torque only acknowledges the vertical component, known as a cross product.


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