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Magnetic Monopoles



Displayed in his videos for our current independent unit, Professor Walter Lewin has a strong interest in magnetic monopoles. Lewin repeatedly stated that proof of the hypothetical magnetic monopole would win the brilliant scientist a Nobel Prize. Because of his excitement toward this topic, I have researched a bit about the mysterious magnetic monopoles.

Currently, it is believed that a magnet must have a positive, and a negative pole; the existence of magnetic dipoles has been elementary and common for years. No experimental evidence has been found to prove the existence of magnetic monopoles. However, many physicists still believe they do exist for theoretical reasons.

New leads and ideas have led physicists to probe polarized rocks for magnetic monopoles. Polarized rocks buried deep within the Earth’s mantle are thought to contain magnetic monopoles. When the earth formed, and separated into chemically different layers, these researchers believe that magnetic monopoles “bound to matter that sunk towards the core.” This would explain why nobody has found magnetic monopoles in the Earth’s crust. Samples were taken from Antarctic and Arctic regions, but the elusive magnetic monopole still was not pinpointed.

All in all, the race to find the magnetic monopole may never end. As the hunt stands now, physicists believe they are closer than ever to tracking down the hard-to-find magnetic monopole. Whether these monopoles are bound to matter, or travel freely through space, one can only theorize. If you want to make physics history, find the magnetic monopole.


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If you want to make physics history, find the magnetic monopole.

Repeatedly suggested, you say? Naw ;) That closing sentence made you sound like Lewin. Maybe that's what he's doing with his retirement, scouring the globe for a monopole...

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