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Physics of Parkour 2



As with the last one, this post focuses on the disspation of momentum in parkour, but this time, a little but simpler. This one focusses on the move called a dive roll.

the move is essential because not only does it dissapate a lot of momentum over a short distance, AND have the abaility to cover large distances but it also allows one to land from a flip that has overspin beyond 90 (preferable beyond 135) degrees.

A dive roll is basically a jump into a half flip in which the person lands on their hands, curls their back, abnd rolls out.

It decreses the impulse by applying force to a growing surface area and increasing the time of the landing, thus lowering the force applied to the body over the short period of time which would be the landing, but then includes a roll.

Its a very fun trick and while ive done it off of small obstacles, a close friend and coworker of mine can do them over 5 ft on hardwood floor from flat ground. if I can get a video of himm i'll post it. :)


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