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Physics for a cookie: Toy story problem



Hi everybody!

I haven't done a cookie problem in a while, so here it goes! The problem is related to the current unit. First correct answer gets a cookie. I think Charlie is the only one who answers these things, but I enjoy writing them and he likes cookies, so... It all works out :glee:


Slinky the dog is bored (since Andy is off at college and all), so he decides to watch Walter Lewin's video Lecture 15. Slink thinks the solenoid example is really cool and decides to try it out himself. If he hooks his middle into a circuit of 1A and stands with his front feet .5 m away from his back feet, what is the magnetic field inside of Slinky? Note: Slinky's center is composed of 100 turns, and each turn is uniformly spaced.

I love Disney! :D Bonus question: What is the name of the arcade in Toy Story?

Have fun!

--Alpha Geek


Recommended Comments

I've been very disappointed in the lack of cookie problems. the dog has magnetic field of 1.257x10-4 T

The arcade is pizza planet arcade.

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