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Muscle Memory



The brain is an incredible thing and is refered to as the world's smartest computer for a reason. I've recently grown to love muscle memory as it helped me greatly in performing in a musical this past weekend. Even though I would be in the middle of a dance number and completely forget the next part of the dance, my body would do the moves for me without me even thinking about it. This is because of muscle memory, as our bodies build neural pathways after doing a certain activity over and over again so that when presented in a situation, we naturally do what we've done so many times. Even though I would feel like I didn't know what to do, the procedual memory of doing certain moves on the stage on cue with certain music and lights led to me somehow almost always doing the right thing. I also just realized that this doesn't necessarily have to do with physics, but I still think it's a really cool topic, and now I can dance like this guy.



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