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My Cookie Problem



Alright Charlie, I'm writing a cookie problem just for you. You might need to get the cookie from Liz, but I figured I'd write one since you said there haven't been enough. And continuing with the Disney theme, here goes: Mulan is curious about how current and magnetic field interact, so she inserts her charge filled sword (which temporarily acts like a wire) of length 1 m into a magnetic field of 2 T in the postitive i direction, creating a force a 2.5 N in the positive k direction.


1) What is the direction and magnitude of the current?

2) What is the funniest movie David has ever seen? (You need to answer this correctly in order to get the cookie.)


Recommended Comments

Oo no cookie for Charlie, the problem is still up for grabs. And it's cause you bake Liz - you've brought this upon yourself.

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