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The Physics of Memorizing Magnetism Equations



Wow. That title is a mouthful. Kinda like the equations in this unit because THERE ARE SOOO MANY. So I am going to help everyone (and myself) and create a list.

FM= qv x B --> FM= qvBsinᶿ

F= I x B

FM= FC --> r= mv/ (qB)

Velocity Selector: FM= FE --> v= E/B

FB= ʃI (dl x B)

B= μoI/ (2πr) μo= 4π e-7

Maxwell's 2nd Equation: ʃB·dA= 0

σInduced= (1-(1/k)) σFree

B-Field due to Current Loop: B= μoI/ (2r)

ʃB x dl= μoIpenetrating

B= NμoI/ L

μ= NIA μ= magnetic moment

τ= μ x B τ= torque

B= μo(qv x r)/ (4πr2)

Huh. Maybe there aren't as many as I thought, they are just more complicated than normal. Guete Gelueck! (well, technically Alles Gute....)


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--Good luck tomorrow everyone! I've found the book is pretty helpful for last minute clarification, so if anyone else needs help that's where to go :)

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This is quite a good list of equations! I can't wait for the next equation dump with all of these new and easy to write equations :cool:

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