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Food for thought (more enjoyable if someone has an answer...)



I've been pondering this for a while and be it because I haven't really looked at equations nor truly tried applying equations in creative ways, I've stumbled across a relationship I can't seem to figure out (maybe someone could answer it with a blog? {I'm such a nice person}).

So I have a volvo s60, and for its size, its a pretty hefty car. Being so massive, my dad has often preached what a splendid winter car it is, as its weight increases friction and thus provides better traction in bad weather.

However a car of a greater mass has greater momentum, which should make it harder to stop the car once it's in motion.

So I suppose my question is, is there a way to relate momentum's impact on velocity to frictional impact on velocity when referring to an object of constant mass? Theoretically if the two are somehow related, wouldn't there be an optimum mass for maximizing traction while minimizing momentum?


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