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How Illusions work



Anyone who was in class would of heard the great debate about a certain picture that seemed to be rotating different ways. But how can two people see different things while looking at the same picture. Optical Illusions are usually 2-D things that are pretending to be 3-D and since we see life in 3-D so our brain takes the 2-D image we're seeing and makes it into 3-D the reason why people saw the girl spinning in both directions is because she is spinning both ways, only at different times. But when we look at the picture we see it spinning one way, but girl is facing sideways, she instantly flips and starts rotating the other way. This tricks our eyes because our brain wants to continue to see her spinning the same way and the way this image is set up, it's almost impossible to tell which what she is facing when she's facing out of the screen. This picture shows how our brain sees how she is turning. And Charlie was wrong



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Hey, if you want to see the girl spin both ways look from the left to the right picture, watching each one for a few seconds.The girl will switch directions. It' really cool and weird.

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